Starting over & Moving forward...

Okay now it's time to write something...

an environment to write in

an environment to write in was an idea of mine about 11 years ago to put something of me online.  I was looking for a domain that was unique, fun and not do long.  I wanted to create a portfolio of my work and use the site as a creative outlet .  In the past 11 years I started maybe 10 different iterations of the website. With each iteration was a "new" type of web publishing software; from Joomla, Wordpress, Typo3, and maybe even Moodle.  Each iteration was a chance to learn something new.

The internet has changed in the past 11 years. I also have changed in the last 11 years. I don't want to spend my time learning a new system.  I also don't want to spend my time fighting with CSS or HTML.  Try to find that one plugin that will "fix" my website. 

I am mature enough now to understand that the only way to fix my website is do actually do something with it.  That means trying to write more and take more photos!

Rob Potvin