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The beauty of flying.

I have been traveling a lot with my new job.  Flying between London, Amsterdam, Paris and Munich.  At first when I started flying, I took the aisle seat, focused on the flight and when we landed got off as fast as possible.

I started to notice that even when I get off the plane (almost) first, I still ended up waiting for my baggage.

What's the point? Why am I rushing and getting all rushed when trying to exit the plane? Why do I feel that its a race and I should make sure my elbows are up so no one cuts me off?

Get real! If I am not really saving time, I might as well enjoy the view.

Now I book window seats!

One word... Beautiful...

I lost the awe for flying, the overwhelming feeling of "how is this possible?" And yes I know the physics it all makes logical sense, but matter how much I try to understand it's still something to be amazed by.

Have to think about what Louis CK said:

Everything is amazing and nobody’s happy
— Louis CK

Have to watch the following clip where he explains it all. (2 minute mark)


I started a new gallery to share the view.

my window seat

Hope you like it.