Good bye web hosts...

Recently I just cancelled both of my web hosting contacts. I was working with two different web hosting companies, one was Dreamhost and the other was Site5. I was a customer of Dreamhost for about 12 years! I just started working with site5 because they had some data centres that were located in Europe. I wanted speed and really I didn't need any of it.


Now why would I cancel and get rid of all my hosts? Very simple reason, SquareSpace. They make the platform that this site uses. Sqaurespace is simple, easy to work with and supported. The price is great for what I need and it has an amazing layout engine. If you wanted to do something more customised, no problem as they have a full developer package.

I moved all my domains from Dreamhost and Site5 and now all I have to do is manage my email for and the DNS for my domains. My step-mother and father both have websites that I am their "webmaster". Now that I moved them to sqaurespace my job has changed to more of the point you in the right direction and there is a FAQ for that.

Before their sites were running Wordpress. I love Wordpress but I find that it's a lot of work to manage many different sites. There are many updates that you must manage, security patches, plugins that test your security hoping that the plugin you are using is not hackable. The list goes on, but it comes down to the fact that I don't have to time to be a full time web master any more. I might have when I was interested in it but now that ship has sailed.


Thanks to my hosts and everything that I learned. Now I have a beautiful platform that I am happy to work with (other then the missing Lightroom export plugin) and looking forward to a year without worrying about Wordpress hacks, mysql hacks, caching, CDNs and what ever else happened that I tried to forget.

I am happy now with what I got