"Walkman" down memory lane...

1979 Sony released the Sony Walkman TPS-L2. Designer Andrew Kim has a wonderful write up talking about the design and engineering quirks that made this device so wonderful.  Mind blown, it brought back some memories.

After reading this article I felt a bit old that I remember most of this. With age comes wisdom, but maybe it could be confused with nostalgia. My parents probably felt they same why when they were explaining the 8-Track to me.

Back to the article, Andrew pointed out a very unique feature and I found it awesome: 

Photo Credits:  Andrew Kim

Photo Credits: Andrew Kim

The top of the device. One of the highlighted features of the TPS-L2 were its dual headphone jacks. A social feature for an anti-social music device.
— Andrew Kim

Visit Andrew's site for more about the walkman and some amazing photos


So many memories with my walkman, my personal audio device. I don't remember my first walkman but I do remember my last one. It was the model WM-EX5 and it was so beautiful, small and unique.

Just look at how beautiful that is... wish I had my hands on one now....

Guess I am getting old.