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Musings from a Canadian living in Germany, with love for photography, film, and tech.

Time lapse in Amsterdam

I arrived at the Hilton DoubleTree and received a delightful surprise. A room with a balcony and with a view!

What a view it is.

With a view like this I rushed home after dinner today and put together my simple setup.

Simple tripod...

Simple tripod...

Now I have this nice little video


Rob Potvin
Window dressing...

I love this photo! Not only is it funny with Buddy Jesus doing his thing in the foreground, you have the hero of chaos and despair "The Joker" looking at the camera in the background!

Love it!

Rob Potvin
Craft & Draft

Amsterdam has some really cool bars. I am very impressed with the quality and variety of the beers here.  Yesterday I went to this bar called Craft & Draft, and was blown away with the design and the beers that were available.

Rob Potvin